We are interested in establishing a stable, growing and mutually beneficial long term business relationship. We strive to supply the right product at the right price with timely deliveries to our customers. Maintenance and improvement in the quality of our product (Socks) and our quality management system is the Corner stone of our quality policy. At every step of the production process, checking procedures reflect that quality is our number one priority.

We work at all times to achieve rigorous standards far beyond our customers' requirements. This means heavy investment in both human resources and equipment. Our labs are carefully designed to achieve optimum results with the latest equipment available to ensure the highest level of quality. We meet and surpass all international quality standards and consistently getting passed every audit by local and international organizations.

Our motto is

"No Compromise On Quality."

We Believe in

"ECO-Friendly Environment."

We have very stringent policy regarding quality control. We can observe different operations being carried out by QA:

Inspection & testing of incoming material

Inspection and verification of correct issuance of materials & accessories against requirement.

Independent inline inspection at every stage of the product manufacturing e.g.

  • Knitting
  • Linking
  • Processing
  • Boarding
  • Finishing/Packaging
  • Final inspection before delivery

Goods cannot leave, until, QA issues the release note

ECO-Friendly Environment